What I felt in Tohoku – A Poem

by Korey Carter

Beauty and ocean was the first thing that I see,
But when I left the hostel there was so much more to see.
My eyes and mind open we began to walk,
Trying to see what they see.
I didn’t see anything but sensed everything.
The dark and depressing smell of death surrounded me
Suffocating me from every angle.
Images began to flood my mind as it went back in time,
Causing me to see everything from people to debris
Body piled on top of each other.
I fought back the tears as I saw through the years.
Nothing but sorrow filled me as I saw the devastation.
I wanted to help,
I wanted to save a life.
I begged I plead,
But no one seemed to hear me.
Much like those who died on that day,
No one heard their plea,
But I hope someone can hear me.
I never want to feel the pain I felt today,
So I hope someone grants me the power to come help them someday,
Not just those here but everywhere.

Korey Carter
Friendship Collegiate Academy

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