Visiting Carlos Rosario

After our warriors met the allies, at the George Washington University dojo, they started to prepare to get their first missions. For 3 days and 3 nights, because the allies had traveled a long ways, rest was necessary, but after the 3 days meeting each other and studying strategies of war, they started to go places and meet with a lot of different warriors who fought in different wars, as well as different Dojos (schools, and many buildings) to gain experience. One of these Dojos was called “Carlos Rosario,” the next destiny.

It was a cloudy day. After passing the day at the central base, Sally-sama took our heroes close by the base to a dojo. Our heroes meet with people like Daniel (our protagonist) – people who came from a far land close to where he was from, sharing their stories about immigration. Carlos Rosario is a dojo for adults from every age, mostly people who cannot speak the native language. This dojo teaches every kind of martial art: gastronomy, languages, math and diverse topics. They learn the Dojo is a different one, not only because it is for adults, but because it is free and they provide many items to their students. One of the senseis showed them the Dojo, their artwork inspired by many movements that occurred before our heroes were even born.

Carlos Rosario senseis explained to them about some students who started their own business by simple ideas. Our heroes were amazed by people from different backgrounds and different countries who didn’t speak English and now they were able to communicate their ideas. This school left a deep message in our heroes where if you want to succeed and if you really wanted to make it through the war, studies and a hard wish of being better is necessary.

Our heroes were stopped by the god of the storm which obligates them to stay at the dojo until the god ceased his anger towards our warriors, It was a great time to reflect the meaning of immigration, which is not only about Latinos moving to the USA, but is also about people from all over the world looking for the American Dream and how hard it’s to be a person who does not speak the language and doesn’t know what to do, and Dojos like Carlos Rosario who help those people to prepare for the worst war, life itself.

Carlos Daniel Ramirez Hernandez
Roosevelt SHS

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