Travel Days

You know the saying “scratch it off your bucket list,” that people say after someone experiences a once-in-a-lifetime event. . . That’s what everyone has been telling me since I first began applying for this program. Every time someone mentioned me and my bucket list I told them, “Oh, I don’t have one.” I don’t have a bucket list because I never believed in being able to do these extravagant things, such as going to Tokyo, better yet Japan.

July 28, 2018 was my first time on a train that isnt’t the subway. I had the excitement of a toddler riding a bike for the first time. On the outside I was playing it cool. “It’s just a train to Baltimore,” I told myself. On the inside I was riding the Tea Cup ride like they have at Disney World, and jumping in circles.

We spent the night in a hotel, my roommates and I basically counting down the hours until we set foot on a plane. But first we had to get to BWI Airport and those moments alone were very theatrical. I worried that my suitcase was over 50 pounds. I was in the back of the line once again, playing it cool while I panicked at how many of us had to take out clothes and gadgets and put them in other people’s suitcases and bags. I was really scared when someone’s suitcase weighted 49 pounds! In the end, I came up way less than I thought, and before I knew it we were stepping off the plane to Chicago.

I had my snack bag ready to eat as soon as I got on the plane to Narita Airport. Unfortunately, our adventure came to a quick stop when were were told that our flight was being delayed until 2:00 pm. When two o’clock came, there was another delay and at least 3 more after. We felt like the flight attendants were playing tricks on us. We slept on uncomfortable seats, talked about what we’d want to see when we got to Tokyo. When we saw the pilot and flight attendants walking towards our gate, we were relieved. Our next activity would’ve been playing I Spy just so we wouldn’t be bored.

When I first stepped on the plane I was astonished. The inside was very big and spacious. There were also TVs on the back of the seats and many of my friends know how much I love movies. Much to my dismay, my earbuds didn’t really work. I felt like I was in a movie theater where the movie is in black and white, except I had subtitles. Even with not being able to hear the actors, I was still able to enjoy the movies I watched and found myself laughing way too loud for comfort. I got a few discerned and concerned looks from other passengers. Which I also laughed at. I had 12 hours of sleeping, counting down and laughing (lol), and when we landed I was too tired to wake up and finish my video, while the pilot looked for parking. That was my first real plane ride and I enjoyed every minute I had.

Earlier I said I don’t have a bucket list and sticking to that seems like the best thing when I am confidently accepting all the things thrown my way. Buckets come with a bottom, an end. Experience is not something to end.

Arjernae Miller
Phelps ACE High School

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