The Program Begins

First, we had an orientation program by Benjamin. He taught us about diversity and stereotypes visually to understand easily.

We can’t change our stereotypes in contrast to generalization, but we can understand each other more and more deeply. Although it is said we know each other about only 10% like iceberg. We can talk or discuss to become more close. Even if you put on yellow glasses, you can’t take them off since you were born, you can’t see blue permanently. But if you get a partner with blue glasses, you may be able to see something from a viewpoint of blue a little. We should know each other more deeply.

Second, we took a Photography Workshop by Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, that is a journalism organization focused on under-reported stories, news which we usually don’t focus on. We learned about journalism and photography then. Photography can be categorized to 4 groups – Portraits, Landscapes, Details and Actions. Important things are what you take, how you take it, and how you convey your picture’s story. You can combine 4 groups, and think where is the best angle to the objects. We can become a photographer easily.

Third, after the lunch, we went to the City Exploration by Bus. We went to Hains Point to look out over Washington D.C., the Anacostia Museum to learn about the history that showed the city fighting for civil rights for African-Americans, and one of the participants’ house and neighborhood. In contrast to Japan, neighborhood has very good relationships in D.C. They hugged each other, and talked about themselves. I often think about my local area, we have almost no relationships. So I’m jealous and I decided I will actively talk to my neighbors after this program.

Lastly, we shared each way of thinking by drawing paintings of our mind. I think we are getting to know each other gradually. We have not known each other well, because we have spent time together for a short time and moreover our language barrier. So, it’s a very good time for me and I guess for all of us. And I want to share my mind to others regularly.

Keiichiro Tamara
Miyagiken Sendai Nika High School

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