The Day to Leave

In the morning, we woke up at 7:00 am and ate meals which it was yesterday evening’s Chinese food leftovers. Today was the day in which we checked out of the George Washington University dorm and this place made me and Japanese students get used to American lifestyle from the first day of arrival. We stayed here for three days and we had found the great difference between Japan and America. The most memorable difference which I found today was the diversity in the community. We were able to see many nationalities in the dorm and around the neighborhood. Although it was the first time to meet each other, people were talking politely. I have been impressed greatly by the national characteristics of America in Washington, D.C.

That aside, at the beginning of today’s program, we learned to the way of blog and journal  at Columbia Heights Education Campus (CHEC). I had experienced writing journal before, but I have not had a chance to write a blog, so I was excited to write it or see others.

After having a quick review, we have done the Slam Poetry Workshop with Regie Cabico, who was a professional of poetry in America. We first moved our body to express our feelings and personalities to write our own poetry. Then we took the pen to write poetry about our life experiences. After that, we made a presentation in front of everyone to share individual ideas. We have achieved poetry skills which we didn’t know before, and it was a very satisfying time for me.

An hour and a half later, we met with a professor Clarence Lusane from Howard University, which is a private institution that was founded in 1867 and a historically black university (HBCU) in Washington, D.C. He had talked about race and diversity in the local society here. After hearing his lecture, I had a doubtful point left reminded: why the race problems wouldn’t be gone. Through the discussion, we Japanese students were able to learn about a new conception to the current events in the world, and I have deeply considered about the race problems. I would like to find a conclusion deduced with using my skills of observation and analysis in Washington, D.C. and Japan by comparing the difference and similarities.

It was nearly 1:00 pm and we entered the stylish restaurant, El Pollo Sabroso, located at Mt. Pleasant St. It was a specialty restaurant of Latin food and I particularly like Tacos. This plate was a recommendation from D.C student, Daniel, and I liked it.

After having lunch, we visited Carlos Rosario School and this place teaches English to adults who are training for a career from abroad. We met with the diverse immigrants and the most memorable person was a woman from Ethiopia. She came to America a year ago and she thanked the school repeatedly for supporting her life. The most memorable phrase was ”got a new life,” as if she was trying to notify us of the existence of great opportunity in Washington, D.C. The school was similar to the public school in America, and I liked the atmospheres of the place where students learning.

Lastly, we headed back to CHEC: Columbia Heights Education Campus. Continuing with yesterday’s Photography Workshop, we learned about photography and interviewing from Sydney Combs, who’s very active at the forefront of her journalism. I learned the interview skills from a professional journalist and the useful phrase which she told us was, ”Tell me about it,” or ”explain about it.” By using these phrases in the interview, it will make conversation to be an enjoyable one. The important things in the photograph are to take from the same height and choose a background which makes people be natural. It was inconceivable to me as she added that eyes have a lot of details in the photograph, because I have never focused on it.

Shunsuke Watando
Keio Shonan Fujisawa Senior High School

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