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David Nakamura is a famous journalist of the Washington Post, a famous newspaper that covers many news from all over the country. He has met Presidents Barack Obama-sama and Donald Trump. He has complex battles that make him a really experienced reporter. One of his battles was in Japan when he lived as a teacher of English. David explained to our heroes the life of a reporter who covers the White Palace is, how hard it’s speaking the truth, and the people claimed as fake news, how the bloom of the internet has affected the newspaper in a critical way where people don’t verify and just believe the news that goes in social media.

David has covered many actions of the President Trump and he always maintains himself as a professional teaching our heroes that even in the worst times and even if you are not agreed with what other people said, you always need to do the job If is for other people benefit. Our heroes were all amazed by the determination of this reporter, that he always does his job and that a reporter is a person too, a person who has a family and lives a normal life, and a person who always has something to write about always seeking for the truth. His speech was powerful and very inspiring for many of our heroes whose dream is being a journalist or a writer. His message was clear words are powerful and the truth is always necessary to be a good journalist. His visit to Benjamin’s Palace was one of the favorites of our heroes.

Carlos Daniel Ramirez
Roosevelt SHS

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