4 thoughts on “Student Blog

  1. Micah, I can see and experience the people of Japan through your words! I am so happy you were Blessed to make this journey! Love ya much!

  2. In order for young people to be more competitive educationally, it is important to be exposed to globalization. What an awesome opportunity and experience. Take full advantage of the customs, culture and rich traditions of the Japanese. Enjoy!

  3. Konnichiwa Micah,
    enjoy the food, smells and the sounds! I can’t wait to see your pictures and stories! Your Grandma has her two grandsons traveling. We love you and are so proud of you!!
    Love Aunt Tanya

  4. Micah,

    I’m so excited for the journey you have chosen. Enjoy exploring japanese culture throught the sites, food and people. We can’t wait to experience Japan through your stories and photos. I’m so proud of you. Much love and safe travels.

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