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Today, we had a session and workshop by Mr. Takahiko Nomura, CEO and Founder, Future Sessions, Inc., Professor, MBA Program, Kanazawa Institute of Technology and Future Designer, Shibuya Future Design.

In the morning, he taught us about Future Sessions and social innovation through cross-sector dialogue, and about Project 30, their town development project through the collaboration of corporations, government and non-profit organizations.

When the private sector, public sector and social sector are separated mostly, what if three sectors collaborated like just after the Great East Japan Earthquake on 3.11?

I think that there will be strong innovation there. And actually that is Project 30. Three sectors gather, talk about local issues and create innovation. It was very exciting to think about.

We also learned how to ask powerful questions, build a trustful team and backcasting, to create our futures.

After eating lunch, we actually practiced town development. We went out to the Sasa-Hata-Hatsu area (new concept name of Sasazuka, Hatagaya and Hatsudai of Shibuya City), and walked around the green parkway there, exploring how to develop and vitalize the place through thinking how to inspire foreign travelers to come to the area. Lastly, we made a presentation about that.

Our group suggested the idea to making the parkway colorful. In our imagination, we planted flowers, built a birdhouse and a tree house, built a small shrine, and presented a place where people who like Japanese culture and nature gather.

It is a daily landscape for the Japanese, but how does this view look like from DC students? It is difficult for us to imagine, but I thought that viewpoint was very important to create innovation.

I want to be able to have a viewpoint from the outside, a viewpoint from the inside, and the user’s point of view. It is difficult, but I would like to be able to do it to understand the issues as well as positive points, and develop new perspectives and creative ideas.

Keiichiro Tamara
Miyagiken Sendai Nika High School

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