Social entrepreneurship: What is it?

We visited some wonderful people and organizations in Ishinomaki, such as Ishinomaki 2.0, Kagikakko Cafe, and met a local organizer who is friend of Shige. All of them showed us what we, as outsiders, can do, but not just for the devastated area, but also in our communities to bring people together.

Ishinomaki 2.0 has contributed to the city through a lot of projects and events. For example, they conducted Inatibu and Kinyou cinema, and constantly seek new “social entrepreneurship” and solutions. On the other hand, Ishinomaki’s Kagikakko cafe is trying to spread Ishinomaki by running cafe and creating original products such as Oyasio curry and rice.

At first sight, these two are different from each other, however, in my opinion; these are the same in the big idea. These two organizations have different solutions, people, ideas, connections, and so on. But, they are struggling to realize a same goal: to upgrade Ishinomaki.  The people working in both organizations have a lot of love for Ishinomaki. And it IS love deeply rooted in Ishinomaki and its land, history, culture, and people that drives them. In spite of their difference in where they are from, they are certainly devoting themselves to Ishinomaki.

One thing that makes it possible is the idea of social entrepreneurship. They organized some projects and are selling time, space, hope, and fun to the residents. As a result, Ishinomaki IS reaching a hopeful future little by little. Organization by organization.

The reason Ishinomaki 2.0 and Kagikakko café are successful is because their social enterprises are connected to love, devotion and willing to make a difference. Profits don’t drive them but they’re sustainable. I’d like to bring this idea to my community in Iwate and tell the story to my friends and people I know.

Fumiya Otani
Fukuoka Senior High School

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