Sayonara Japan – Love, Sierra

Leaving Japan was one of the most emotional experiences I have ever had. Over the past two weeks I have become attached to Japan. I even felt like I had actually lived there. I mean how could I not? Japan has been a place of wonder for me since I was young. And seeing the problems, struggles, and pain throughout my trip has only made me love it more because it makes it real. Speaking of real, I have met the real people of Japan. Not the stereotypes or rumors. But real people and that made my experience so much more wonderful. The people I have met have stories, stories which they shared with me and that made a bond. They were different but treated me so nicely and respectfully. Two people who have done this were Shinobu and Sosha. They both looked over me, over the whole group. They made this trip fun and made it so much more comfortable. They gave Japanese lessons and taught me so much about Japanese culture. They told me I would always have a home in Japan. Just typing this is making me cry. You bet you I cried like a baby when we said our goodbyes at the airport. I held on to Sosha and Shinobu for quite a while. They were very much like another set of parents to me and I am so glad to have met them. So Japan, this is not a good bye but a see you later. You have not seen the last of Sierra Queen!

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