Sayonara Japan – Love, Luke

We just left Japan. Since this is my last blog post I decided to do something different than usual. Instead of writing this as prose, I will share a poem I wrote instead. I give you ‘Nippon.’

I have left Nippon.
I have left the crowds pushing and shoving through Asakasabashi.
I have left the hostel.
I have left the days of wandering through Tokyo.
I have left the nights with new friends.
I have left the mornings of black coffee hit from a machine, shoved shoulder to shoulder with strangers on a train.
I have left the fault line faulted by natures fury.
The rain and fog and utter beauty of a troubled nation at peace.
The water and islands, the mountains seen in the distance.
Frogs jumping, the sound of water.
I have left the shrines and temples.
I have left the smiling survivors, whose spirit stays stronger than the power of an earthquake.
I have left the voices of the past,
I have left the vision of the future.
I have left the land of the rising sun.
A sun that has not dimmed throughout disaster.
The red rays still pour over the island.
Hearts of gold, strength of steel.
I have left Nippon.
But Nippon has not left me.

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