Sayonara Japan – Love, Gabby

Before our trip to Japan we often talked about personal goals that we all wanted to meet during our time exploring the country. Everyone in the group often had concrete goals that they all expected to complete and seemed sure of what they were going to get out of the trip. I on the other hand often found myself questioning what I truly wanted to get out of my two weeks in Japan. I knew that I wanted to do things such as learn more about Japanese life and culture, but past this I wasn’t so sure. Now looking back on my time there, I realize that I’ve learned so much more than I ever expected to. Through our experiences in Tohoku & Tokyo I feel as though I have gotten a better understanding of being a global citizen and what that means. This trip has helped me to see that there is so much more past my small hometown of Washington D.C., and that there are so many more people and cultures around me. I am appreciative of all the amazing people we have met on this trip, and I have learned so much from every one of them and am inspired by all that they do. My experiences in Tohoku are ones that I am especially grateful for, and all of what we learned there and the personal stories told to us from all over the region have allowed me to see what amazing things people can do when they come together. I am still amazed by the strength of these communities and what they have accomplished since the disaster. I will never be able to forget the people in this region or their strong sense of resilience. I hope to come back sometime in the near future to see the growth and reconstruction that I know these towns will make. I am also incredibly grateful for the experiences we had in Tokyo, and all of the Japanese friends I made at Keio.  I loved my host family, and they made me feel so welcome in their home. I hope to see them again soon! Now, while flying back to Washington, I am truly realizing how much I will miss all of the people we have met and made friends with in Japan. I am really excited to go home now and see my family, but am also really sad to be leaving Japan. I know that I will go back sometime soon to see more places in Japan, and make even more friends.

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