Rock Newman

It was Wednesday, July 18, and for the 2018 TOMODACHI crew that meant that it was the day we speak, experience, and learn about the African American culture. During lunch as we ate, a man I would call legendary shared with us a few stories about his life, his opinions, and gave us life-changing advice. His name was Rock Newman.

One of the many things I found interesting about Mr. Newman is that at first look, many would assume that he isn’t African American in which he is. Because Mr. Newman is a light colored African American, he has experienced racism in his life. Right away as he started to speak I was captivated, he spoke with confidence. As he continued he told us a story from when he was a young boy. He told us how this white man tricked him into severely burning his hand and that he vowed one day that he would kill that man. So because of that and many other situations, Rock grew up hostile towards white people. However, when that man did die and Mr. Newman met white people who weren’t bad, he started to gradually release this pent-up anger. What I took from this was to release the anger that formed in me from past situations and that it’s unhealthy to not do so.

Today Rock Newman has had talk and radio shows, he’s had personal relationships with some of history’s legends, such as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (Muhammad Ali) and Nelson Mandela. I see this man as inspiration to keep working hard and prove the naysayers wrong.

Heavenly Anderson
Friendship Collegiate Academy

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