Regie Cabico

On Tuesday we went to Columbia Heights Education Campus and partook in a poetry workshop with a man named Regie Cabico. Reggie was so energetic and poetic, that’s what made me really enjoy the workshop. We started off with a few stimulating exercises. One exercise we got in a circle and passed around a “pow,” but each time we had to pass the “pow” differently. After that, we partnered up and were given two opposite lines to say. For instance, my partner would say “I have to go” and I would say “You need to stay,” and so we would go back and forth only saying those two lines. The purpose of that exercise I think was to really get in touch with our voice, tone, and even body language on how to express our words. It was really fun to do that. One part of me felt kind of trapped, limited to that one line but another part of me felt intrigued to figure out how do we get our point across in a different way.

Afterward was when we started creating poetry, Mr. Regie instructed us to simply start by writing seven facts about yourself and even shared his with the group. It was because of this that I realized writing poetry isn’t about rhyming, but storytelling. It was a real eye-opener. To close out we had a mini-open mike session, I kind of got excited about going to Busboys and Poets and maybe even reading my poetry on stage, we’ll see though.

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