Real People, Real Issues

Our heroes have arrived to the war zone, after 12 hours in the air. After they say the last goodbye to their families because It might be the last time that they see them, they finally get to their final destination. Days have passed and many battles had occurred, one with the demon “Jetlago,” which drains their energy and makes them 90% sleepy, but with the traditional medicine called “resto,” they were ready to start battling again.

They are located in a Share House in which some of them are residing to plan the battle strategies, but our protagonist is going to Shunsuke-san’s house where another mission has to be completed by these two brave heroes. But they had to combat every day to the main mission, which now it will involve a social issue in Japan called “Hikikomori.”

The term of “Hikikomori” was explained by two Samurai (Mr. Kuramitsu and Ms. Tezuka), where their job is to provide support to Hikikomori, help them find jobs, and reunite them to the society. Hikikomori are persons who isolate themselves from the society itself, they never leave home, they don’t work, don’t do school, they are the maximum expression of living in a comfort zone, but in some cases, a real particular case of mental health issues. In the majority of the part they are conscious in their position, and they strongly believe that people see them as the dark part of the society, they hate themselves to the point that they see themselves that they are less than everyone.

This problem is being around Japan since the beginning of the new century. I strongly believe that the technology is being big part of this issue, where the comfort zone is more accessible to everyone that possesses the world in a screen. After all, Japan isn’t the only place where Hikikomoris reside, they are all over the world. But Mr. Kuramitsu gave different evidence about the influence of the internet. My position is uncertain. I admire them in ways that they don’t follow standards of the society, but there are certain cases of pure depression and isolation, where they don’t provide, just take a small square of the world and lock it.

Carlos Daniel Ramirez
Roosevelt SHS

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  1. I love the format that you told ypur story in! Felt like I was reading a script or bio to a new mission in video game. It’s refreshing and new! Keep up the good work! あなたはできます!

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