Yeysi Rodriguez

“You can be anyone, why not be someone?”

IMG_0568That is one of my favorite quotes. Hello, my name is Yeysi Rosibel Rodriguez. I am in 11th grade at Cardozo Education Campus, where I am part of the International Academy. The International Academy is a place where students that just arrived to the United States are learning English as a second language. Students are put into teams and stay with the same people most of the time. The reason that I really like being in the International Academy is because there are people from different countries, but together everyone has the same dreams: To learn English, to make a difference every single day, and also to be successful in this country full of many amazing opportunities.

In my school I am involved in programs like Latino Student Fund’s Listo College Preparatory Program. At Listo I learn how to develop my speaking and communication skills and most importantly learn to prepare for enrolling in college. After school, four days of the week, I have a job with Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) as a peer educator. I assist the leader with anything she needs help with, especially with students. One of my biggest accomplishments in 2015 was getting an internship at the White House called The First Lady’s Leadership and Mentorship Initiative. I never thought I would be going to the White House and meeting Mr. and Mrs. Obama.

When I first found out about the 2016 TOMODACHI US-Japan Youth Exchange instantly I thought that this kind of opportunity is not easy to find. I never expected to get an interview, so when I did I felt nervous and excited. I was nervous because, while I had the opportunity to show my personality, there was also a chance I would not be accepted into the program. When I got the call that I was accepted, I had so many emotions I could not speak. The diversity in each place may make us think that we are different, but some smaller qualities make us more equal than we may think. I hope having a diverse group of students in the exchange will allow us to learn from each other.

The world has dreamers and every dreamer has a purpose in this world. Every day is a contribution to my future because I am inspired by my dreams. I am a dreamer that is always trying to find something new to learn about.

Yeysi Rodriguez
Cardozo Senior High School

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