The 2016 Tohoku Team (Japan)

Rio Asami

Rio is a 16-year old student at Aizu Gakuho High School in Koriyama, Fukushima. She lives with her father, a businessman, and her mother, a housewife. She also has a younger brother who is a student. Rio works in the marketing department of a cosmetic company. She belonged to a tennis club when she was in junior high, and loves to see impressionist paintings. In high school she is in the science club, and likes foreign pop music and learning Korean.
Statement of Interest: I have a few reasons why I am interested in this program. First, I hope to get involved with people with social businesses in the future so I would like to have an opportunity to learn about social entrepreneurs deeply. Through this action, I believe we can deal with problems which we have now, for example, shortage of child care services. Second, I want to make both Japanese and American friends who have wide perspectives and a high level of awareness. I want to interact with people who have different backgrounds and I want to improve myself. Finally, I want to share experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake to not only U.S students but also Japanese students in the TOMODACHI program. I want many people to know the good side of Fukushima as well. I will be happy if there are some people who become interested in Fukushima.

Ayane Koizumi

Ayane is an 18-year old female student who lives with her father, a businessman, and her mother, who is a housewife. She has one younger brother who is a student. She attends Yumoto High School in Iwaki, Fukushima. She is in the ESS club. Her interests and activities include playing tennis and badminton, watching movies, and talking in English.
Statement of Interest: The reason that I am interested in this program is that I like talking with people in English and I would like to improve my English skills. I lived in Hungary for about ten months and studied abroad in England for two months last year. When I was in Europe, I could make many friends using English. Through this experience, I realized that it is very important to be able to speak different languages because I can make friends even if we are from different countries. The other reason is that I am interested in tourism. One of my dreams is to be a tour guide. So I think this program is the good way of that because I will be able to know about America and Japan. I like to learn different cultures and languages so I am really interested in doing this program.

Hiroto Konno

Hiroto is a 17-year old student from Miyagi Furukawa Reimei High School in Osaki, Miyagi. He lives with his father, a government official; his mother, a nurse; his grandmother; and his two younger brothers and one sister, who are all students.
Statement of Interest: I have a strong interest in global leadership since I went to the US with a TOMODACHI exchange previously. I think this program would be a great chance to learn about global leadership. I am excited to meet Americans and practice my language skills as well.

Kan Uhou

Kan is a 17-year old student at Yumoto High School in Iwaki, Fukushima, who moved to Japan from China. He lives with his mother, who is self-employed. His father lives in China. He is interested in science, physics, and English, and wants to study about artificial intelligence (AI). He also likes badminton, basketball, and other sports; enjoys cycling (especially on weekends), and listening to pop music. He speaks Chinese, Japanese, and English.
Statement of Interest: Firstly, I want to work for an international organization in the future, and I think that to be a global-minded person is very important. I think it will be a very valuable opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of different cultures. Secondly, I would like to make many foreign friends and share my experience of not only living in Japan but also in China. Especially I could have a valuable experience since coming here, although I didn’t experience the Great East Japan Earthquake. I often go to the evacuation area of Minamisoma to help my mother’s friend to clean his temple. I would like to describe something about it to everyone. Thirdly, I have always wanted to visit an English-speaking country, and challenge my English with native English speakers. I want to understand the culture and customs of Washington, DC, because I think there are many differences between Asian culture and USA culture. Even if it is really close from China to Japan, I can find many differences. By communication with people I can obtain the way of thinking from them. I think without interaction, the feeling, culture or customs will be difficult to understand. I want to share it with my friends from China and Japan. And I also would like to share my experience to both American and Japanese friends.

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