The 2016 Keio Team (Japan)


A.O. is a 16-year old female student, who lives with her father, a businessman, and her mother, who is a cooking teacher. Her activities include kyudo (archery), calligraphy, karate, and singing. She took 5th place in the All Nippon Kyodo Junior High School competition, and 3rd place in the All Nippon Akitukai competition. She speaks Japanese, English, and Spanish.
Statement of Interest: I’ve lived in Mexico and experienced severe poverty that I would have never been able to learn in Japan. Even children much smaller than my age were showing many astonishing street performances in order to earn money from the cars that were waiting for the street lamp to turn green. I am interested in this program because I would like to exchange ideas about poverty and as a teenager, what we are able to do for it. Also, I would want to talk about how having a completely different way of the policy can affect our environment and our future.


E.N. is a 16-year old female student at Keio SFC. She lives with her mother, a bank employee. Her father, a businessman, lives in Osaka. She has a strong interest in science, astronomy, and physics, and aspires to be a scientist who does experiments concerning outer space. She loves sketching, tennis, swimming, and long distance running (cross country). At school she is in the Astronomy Circle (inside the Computer Club), and has many hobbies, including reading, writing, and cartwheeling.
Statement of Interest: I am interested in this program for two main reasons. First, I want to learn about Washington, DC’s culture. I have lived in Hawaii for about a year though I have never been to the mainland and I know nothing about it. I am really curious at how different Washington, DC is to Hawaii and the other countries I’ve lived in. I want to feel and see it with my own eyes. Secondly, I want to know what the earthquake in Sendai was like. When it occurred a few years ago, I was in Australia and so I do not know how it influenced people in Japan. I do not know what kinds of things people suffered from. I want to learn these things by actually going there. I want to see how people there are recovering and how they are not. I want to know if there is anything I can do to help them.


H.K. is a 17-year old male student at Keio SFC High School. He lives with his father, a businessman, and his mother, who works at a foundation. He also has two younger sisters who are students. He is interested in social studies, especially history, as well as careers associated with global trade. He loves baseball, and belongs to the Boys Volleyball Team in school. He also likes to play electric guitar and bass.
Statement of Interest: As a Japanese citizen who experienced the East Japan Earthquake in elementary school, the Operation Tomodachi was a great symbol of the strong bond between the U.S. and Japan as well as cooperation and contribution to me. This program, which took the name from Operation Tomodachi, is a perfect program to learn what we can do to contribute to the society, and what is imperative in the interaction between between Japanese and American communities and companies. I applied for this program to seek for my own answer to these two questions to use it in the future. I wish to use my strong points and support the team with the best of my abilities.


R.H. Is a 15-year old female student at Keio SFC High School. She lives with her father, a businessman; her mother, a housewife; an older sister, a student; and a dog named Mint. She is in Basketball Club, and enjoys playing guitar, and watching all kinds of sports.
Statement of Interest: Since I was a junior high school student, I have had a big desire to participate in programs that I can communicate with many people with different thoughts. My biggest reason for applying is that I feel I can find something for my future. In whatever community I am a part of, I want to be a person who can contribute as a leader. To achieve this, gaining broad knowledge and actual experience are two important things which this program is going to enhance a lot. Every person has different way of thinking, and I imagine as different as the background is, opinions are also going to be different. I am so excited to touch “unpredictable” new ideas by people living in America and American cultures. I’m also interested in Tohoku people’s opinion. At the same time, I want to find what our thoughts have in common.


R.M., a 17-year old male student, lives with his father, an engineer, and his mother, a kindergarten teacher. He is interested in physics, math, and history, and is in the Fencing Club at school. His many interests include hiking, swimming, playing the guitar, progressive and hard rock, visiting Japanese castles, and reading historical and science fiction novels.
Statement of Interest: I would like to know the opinions of American students and the structure of American society, and also I’d like to improve my English skills through discussions and the other activities in this program.

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