Tempestt Martin

IMG_0606My name is Tempestt Martin, I am a sophomore at Friendship Technology Preparatory in the Academy of Engineering. When I graduate high school I plan on furthering my education and go to college to be a Veterinarian. My dream college is to go to Texas A&M, which has one of the best veterinarian programs in the U.S. I love animals more than anything in the world. I consider myself as a country girl who lives in the city. I love to be outdoors! I ride horses, fish, travel, and besides being outdoors I am a part of Girls Scouts, and I am the former Cheer Captain for Tech Prep. I’ve also been inducted into the National Junior Honor Society since I have been in the 8th grade, and have once more got inducted when I was in the 9th grade to be in the National Honor Society. I figured I arose from being a junior to the actual real deal. This school year I was expected to have my first experience to take a semester class at UDC. It was the best. Normally people say college isn’t for everyone, but I believe it is definitely destined for me.

I have always had a desire to leave the U.S. to study abroad. I shared with my world history teacher my fetish about studying abroad to go somewhere. It could have been anywhere, but what is so unique about Japan is that they are more eco friendly there. In parts of Japan it’s like our New York City. Japan is not so much of a diverse country as here in the U.S. where we have people of all cultural backgrounds.

When I got the call that I was accepted to Japan it was unbelievable. I honestly did not think that I was going to get accepted. I sat in front of so many panelists for my interview. My thoughts after my interview were “Did they like me?” “Did I do good?” “Was I dressed properly?”. All went through my mind, but I kept faith through it all.

I characterize my personality to be one of a kind. I’m outgoing, respectful, and courageous. I persevere through everything I do. I live by this quote that my Elementary school made me say everyday: “Everyday is another opportunity for me to learn. I will make friendship core values my daily concern. I will not settle for anything less than the best. My motivation is self worthy that will make me shine above the rest. There are endless possibilities to what I can be. The world better get ready for the next leader. Who’s that next leader? That leader is me.”

I am so honored and grateful to be one of the selected students for the 2016 TOMODACHI Youth Exchange Program. This is a great experience for not only me but the people in my life. It takes a strong foundation of a support system to get me where I want to be in life. Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters because without you all there would be no study abroad.

Tempestt Martin
Friendship Tech Prep Charter School

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