Kamashae Tolliver

IMG_0575Hello, I’m Kamashae Tolliver. I currently attend Bell Multicultural High School, as a sophomore student. The one thing that led to my decision to attend Bell was its amazing Hospitality Academy. The Academy Director, Ms. Adrian Thweatt, has been my constant guide in supporting and helping me meet my future goals, which will contribute to me becoming all that I can be in life. Adrian Thweatt is also the administrator who asked would I be interested in the Japan exchange program. She enlightened me on the fact that the program was targeting Hospitality Academy students, in the tenth grade. By her knowing I’ve always wanted to travel and to study abroad, she made the program happen for me – making sure I stayed on top of the application signing, the essay prompts, getting my passport, funding money for the passport, and mental support stepping out of my comfort zone, going to another country. So big thanks to her making this program happen for me.

Well, about myself. I enjoy many activities, including Cheerleading, Singing, Reading, and expanding my knowledge in the entrepreneurship business world. I’m a peer educator at a health organization, Young Women’s Project, promoting healthy relationships, reproductive health, and safe sex. I do community service at Little Rascals Doggie Day Care, and I also managed my varsity basketball team last season. I’m currently dual enrolled in the University of the District of Columbia.

After high school I plan on going to college on a full ride scholarship, in an Ivy League school (my dream school is Cornell University) or Johnson & Wales. Or I might do the five-year master’s program in business at an HBCU (Delaware State University, Lincoln University or Clark Atlanta University). I plan to own a car by my sophomore year, while having an apartment on the campus of the university I choose to attend. I aspire to be a real estate agent, then soon after diving into opening my own five star, full service hotel.

I would describe my personality as outgoing, respectful, curious, funny, adventurous and knowledgeable. I believe I am a very likable person and I can never judge a book by its cover. I love diversity because I believe that brings out more experiences, which will lead to different perspectives, which might have you double take on your own opinion on a certain topic. So I am really excited to see how this chosen group from all different backgrounds and lifestyles will act as one.

My goals in the program are to definitely open up to the whole group. I’d admit in my past I’ve been the type to hold back when exposed to new things, in fear of saying the wrong things, but I’ve learned that you can never know everything. Sometimes it takes as much as getting it wrong, to get it right. I look forward to learning new things, receiving new knowledge on Japan and its citizens/culture, learning how Japan is different from America, and getting a deeper understanding on the country’s catastrophes and how they managed to come back from them.

This will be my first time traveling out of the country and I am willing to dive head first into this unique experience and opportunity. I am very grateful to be accepted and I hope everything goes smooth on this new journey of life, which is trying new things.

Kamashae Tolliver
Bell Multicultural High School

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