Jeffrey Jenkins

IMG_0567Well, at first I was going to start this off with “hey, my name’s Jeffrey Jenkins,” but that sounds too boring, so I’m going to try something more exciting! My name is Jeffrey, or Jeff for short (as most people call me). I’m a sophomore at Dunbar High School and I’m also a part of the Dunbar Engineering Academy. I’m quite quirky and extremely energetic, although sometimes I can be quite the sloth. I’m always willing to give my all and help out in any way I can, no matter the task! And though I may come up against a few road blocks, I never give up and always find a way, because I believe there’s always a way to overcome something. You just need the willingness to find it and conquer it!

Anyways… I’m extremely eager to start the program right away! When I got the call that I had been selected, I was like a seven year old on his first Christmas morning! I was so happy I almost had trouble sleeping that night just thinking about all the exciting adventures I’ll be able to partake in this summer, both here and in Japan. So my kid side came out in its purest form at that point.

But most importantly I want to learn and experience how other people of different cultures see the world and live in it, because I believe balance is the key to life and everyone and everything should be fair, which is why I wish to become a man of the law or a hero of Justice as I like to say. Though it may sound childish, I truly wish to dedicate myself to helping others within my community and outside of my community, even if we are from two completely different races and cultures because those things to me don’t truly matter or make a person in my eyes. Plus, I can’t really say I want to be a hero of Justice if I don’t even know anything about the outside world.

Right now I’m really feeling the good vibes and I hope to give this program my all and absorb as much as I can in this summer to come. But most importantly, I hope to find or maybe learn a lesson from all this that I can talk about for years to come and be able to share with the world! Well now that’s just about all. I don’t want to have everyone staring at their monitors too long! But if you did enjoy this post, please do look forward for many more to come in the future – hopefully! (:

Jeffrey Jenkins
Dunbar Senior High School

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