Elijah Davis

IMG_0616First off, I would like to say that I am very excited to be in this program. My name is Elijah Davis and I attend Eastern Senior High School. I’m 16 years old with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I am really excited to participate in this program because I want to mature my leadership skills and to learn how our peers in Japan live every day. I am also excited to meet them and cannot wait to meet them. I know that as a 16 year old male that it is difficult to understand people that you do not see everyday, however I will make it my mission to welcome any of my peers with open arms.

In this program, I want to learn how Japan works in their everyday life. Also, I would like to see how important school is in their culture and daily life. I believe that me and my peers will have a great time this year and will be able to tell each other everything. I hope this program also exposes me to social life in Japan. I also want to know what kind of systems and how transport happens in that country.

My hobbies consist of playing videogames, playing basketball and watching Anime. I also like to travel to different places and try new stuff. I want to taste the Japanese cultural food and experience what type of videogames that my host brother has. I also want to connect with him on a mutual level to the point where I can tell him just about anything.

Now that I have told you a little about myself, expect to hear a lot from me this summer. I hope you enjoy your summer and thank you for reading.

Elijah Davis
Eastern Senior High School

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