Clinard Smith

IMG_0618Well hello there! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Clinard Smith. I am a 10th grader who attends Eastern Senior High School. I am a student with a thirst for knowledge as well as a student who is eager to learn more. I am currently in Eastern’s marching band and I am rated #2 in my graduating class. I believe that I am a fun and supportive person who has a tendency to crack jokes every now and then. I am knowledgeable as well as extremely energetic. I am goofy but I can be very serious when the time calls for appropriateness. I enjoy conversing with others about the world that lies around us.

I am very excited to get started with this program. There are so many words that can express the feeling that I am experiencing at this very moment. I constantly check my calendar so see how much time is left before I get on 12+hour flight to go to the country I have always dreamed of going to. It seems like time is moving, but it needs to move faster! When I first got the email that said “Congratulations”, there was this huge grin on my face. I was at home and I screamed “MOM!” to grab my mother’s attention. She then asked me, “What’s going on?” I then told her, “Mom… I got accepted!” Her face was just like mine at that point. She and I both were extremely happy.

I have high hopes for this program and for the people I have met in this program so far. I wish to learn about Japan and its people. I am looking towards expanding my horizons while encountering challenges. I believe that I am ready for what may approach me in the future.

Clinard Smith
Eastern SHS

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