The 2015 Keio Team (Japan)

Students from Keio Shonan Fujisawa High School


Y.A. is a 17 year old student, who is the son of a businessman and housewife, with one younger brother. He has lived a few years of his life in Thailand, where he attended an international school. That experience taught him that the more effort he makes, the faster he can adjust to a new situation. He is interested in science, enjoys reading books and anime. He participates in the Fencing Club and also plays rugby. Y.A. places high value on listening carefully to others and being considerate, as well as trying his best all the time. He hopes these traits will help contribute to the comfort level of other members of the exchange group this year. He is excited about working hands-on on the program’s service projects. He has volunteered in the earthquake stricken area of Tohoku before, so he hopes to contribute what he can from his experience there.


N.M. is 15 years old – the daughter of a businessman and a housewife. She also has a pet dog at home. Her academic interests are statistics and big data. She is an enthusiastic participant in dance, cheerleading, and music. N.M. grew up in Pittsburgh, but has not returned to the US for more than four years. Her main motivation for participating in this exchange is that she loves America and the Tohoku region. She likes American culture, and the way that people express themselves to each other and say their opinions freely. She feels that she needs to know more about America and the world. N.M. visited the Tohoku region two years ago and had a chance to interact with many “kind and positive” people who suffered through the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. She hopes she may help the community by volunteering and participating in events in the affected areas.


S.M. is a 17 year old female student, who speaks Japanese, English, Spanish, and French. She lives with her father, a businessman; her mother, a housewife; and a younger sister. She enjoys social studies, and aspires to become a social entrepreneur. She believes this program will give her the tools and resources to find success in her future career. S.M. has lived on four different continents and has great curiosity about the world. She plays the violin, and participates in Kendo club, Model UN conferences, and enjoys cooking and joking around with her friends. S.M. is also very interested in exploring American culture and society from the perspective of high school students. She loves to interact with people from all over the world, and hopes her experience and curiosity will help her create close connections with American people.


H.S. is a 16 year old male student who lives with his father, a banker; his mother, a housewife; and his younger brother. He lived in America when he was very young, as a pre-school student, but remembers little of the experience. He has also lived in Hong Kong and Vietnam. He is very interested in world history, and is excited to learn about American culture and history, which he hopes to use in a future career working abroad. H.S. plays tennis, and enjoys reading books, and debating. His prior experiences adapting to different schools, cultures, languages, and societies in countries outside Japan have prepared him well for this international exchange opportunity. He has experienced life as an “outsider,” but learned to persist, get along with others, while maintaining his own ideas and beliefs. He will be a good guide to Japanese culture with his special insight on how an outsider might view it.


K.Y. is a 17 year old male student, whose father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. He also has a younger sister in middle school. He lived for several years in Texas, and is looking forward to gaining a broader perspective on the US by meeting different kinds of people in DC. He knows that interacting with people from different walks of life will help him change the way he thinks, broaden his perspective, and help him in his career goals. He is interested in international affairs and politics, and aspires to work for the United Nations in order to help people in need. He has volunteered in Japan the past few years, and is looking forward to volunteering both in DC and in the Tohoku area hit by the earthquake. K.Y. also plays basketball, baseball, and the violin, and enjoys American and Mexican food.


N.Y. is an 18 year old female student, whose father is a lawyer and mother is a counselor. She also has a younger sister. She lived in America for two years as a young child, and was fluent in English at the time. She plays tennis, and enjoys Sudoku, One Direction, and animals, especially large dogs. She aspires to be a designer and pilot. N.Y. is very interested in visiting American government offices and participating in volunteer activities. In addition to wanting to experience American culture and society, and improving her English, she is believes that visiting the stricken region of Tohoku will be an unforgettable and important experience in her life.