Nina Reyes

Nina ReyesHi everybody! My name is Nina Reyes and I’m a senior at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. I live with both my mom and dad, but I alternate days between households. I have four siblings (three of them step siblings). I’m very athletic, and I’m an honor student. I keep myself busy throughout the school year by participating in volleyball on my school’s varsity and club team, varsity cheerleading team, and varsity softball team. Sports help shine a light on my leadership skills, especially being the captain of my volleyball team. I’m also proud to say that I’m an active citizen in my community, as I participate in community service at least once a week throughout the school year at Emery Recreation Center.

Although I’m very well proficient in all subjects, History and English are my favorites. I am a member of my school’s International Club. I love learning about different cultures and regions, and have a passion for traveling. These specific interests have influenced me to want to study and major in international affairs once I am in college. In the future, my ultimate goal is to be a diplomat. Studying and understanding others’ cultures is very important to me because I have a family with a diverse background that consists of Indian, Spanish, and African American heritage. Being a participant in the TOMODACHI program will continue to help broaden my horizons and help me to be even more aware of others’ cultures.

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