Jarid Shields

Jarid Shields PhotoHello, my name is Jarid Shields and I am a 17 year old rising senior attending Eastern Senior High School located in Washington DC. I have lived in DC all my life with my mother and older brother.

In terms of school, I have always been really strong in academics and even take International Baccalaureate classes. On the other hand, I was not blessed with any sort of athletic prowess whatsoever and only enjoy swimming on the occasion. Over time I have developed a passion for the natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry, etc.). I aspire to study biology in college, get my PhD, and become a college professor.

In my free time I enjoy watching TV, anime and movies, knitting, reading books and manga, and surfing the internet. Over the 17 years of my life, I have developed a sort of unhealthy obsession with blue raspberry candy (seriously! It’s gotten pretty bad HELP ME!). Bonus points if it’s sour too! I also enjoy listening to music. My preferences are a massive hodge podge of American and Japanese artists.

Other thing to note is that I adore dogs and horses; however, I am allergic to both … this has brought me great sadness in my life (not really I’m just exaggerating).

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