Caitlin McDermott

Caitlin McDermott PhotoHi, my name is Caitlin Nicole McDermott, though most people call me Caitie. I am 15 years old and a rising junior at School Without Walls high school. I have a twin sister and a younger brother, as well as 2 cats and a dog. My general interests mostly involve the arts, especially music, poetry, and English. I also play lacrosse on my school team. I am interested in sociology, therapy work, and consoling as careers, though my main goal is to become a singer. I am a singer in my school’s jazz band, and I write my own songs (over 100 by now) that I hope to one day produce and inspire others with. I also love teaching, and would love to teach English or Music Theory.

My twin Cammi is also very involved with music, while my brother is more into sports. My mother is the head gardener of Horace Mann elementary, and my father is an environmental lawyer at the US Justice Department. I also have two cats, Lilah Rose and Cat Man Due, and an 8 month old Australian cattle dog/shepherd mix named Skye. I love animals and would also love to learn more about animal therapy.

I find myself to be pretty introverted, but I love people and consider myself very open minded. Japanese culture has always interested me, and this trip is honestly a dream come true. I am so excited to get to see new places, as this is my first time out of the country, as well as make new friends and learn more about Japan.

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