Andres Alvarez Jr.

IMG_0977Hi, my name is Andres Alvarez. I am a 16 year old and a rising senior at E.L. Haynes Public Charter Schools. People may sometimes describe me as timid, quiet, persistent, and hardworking in and out of school. My interests are drawing/designing buildings, drawing commercial aircraft, and plane watching on my free time. I also did Robotics, Video Game Design, and Art Club. A few potential majors I am interested in are Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, to name a few. My parents were originally from El Salvador in Central America. They moved to America to give me a better opportunity, so I was born in the U.S.

I have always been interested in international travel, ever since I was a little kid. My parents would always take me to El Salvador in the summer. Going on this trip will be meaningful and something I will cherish, because not only will I get to travel long distances but I will be introduced to a new culture that is very much different from mine. I am glad that an opportunity like this that seemed impossible at first has been like a dream come true. I am also glad to be doing this with my new friends.

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