2015 Japan Program

For the first time, this year’s TOMODACHI U.S. Japan Youth Exchange Program begins in Japan, which allows the Japanese students to fully participate in all aspects of the program. Check out our Student Blog to learn how the fourteen 2015 TOMODACHI students experience their journey. Here are the Japan program highlights.

Tues, Jul 14                 

DC students fly to Japan through Detroit

Wed, July 15

DC students and Tohoku students arrive in Tokyo
DC and Tohoku students meet each other

Thurs, July 16

Travel to Keio Shonan Fujisawa High School to meet the Keio students
Program Orientation Part 1

Fri, July 17

Cultural excursion to Kamakura
Program Orientation Part 2

Sat, Jul 18

Attend Keio Shonan Fujisawa High School classes
Session with Baye McNeil

Sun, Jul 19

Free day with host families

Mon, Jul 20

Travel to Sendai (Tohoku) on bullet train
Walk around Ishinomaki city

Tues, Jul 21

Session with Kagikakko
Fieldwork with ISHINOMAKI 2.0

Wed, Jul 22

Departure to Minamisanriku and Study Tour
Home/farmstay experience

Thurs, Jul 23

Meeting with Minamisanriku Mayor Sato
Workshop and session with Tohoku youth: COM and NPO Sokoage

Fri, Jul 24

Earth Camp/Fishery experience
Workshop with NPO Women’s Eye

Sat, Jul 25

Shizugawa Summer Festival “Fukkou-ichi” (Revitalization festival)

Sun, Jul 26

Visit to Matsushima
Bullet train to Tokyo

Mon, Jul 27

Cultural excursion in Tokyo
Edo Tokyo Museum
Asakusa “Senso-ji” Temple, Nakamise-dori

Tues, Jul 28

Free morning with host families
Visit to IDEO

Wed, Jul 29

Free morning with host families
Student presentation and reception

Thurs, Jul 30

Sightseeing in Tokyo
Studio Ghibli Tour, Harajuku district, Meiji-jingu Shrine, Takeshita Street

Fri, Jul 31

Final sightseeing and program wrap-up
DC and Japanese students depart for Washington, DC