The Japan Students


My name is K.Y. and I am turning 17 in October. I have lived in MS from the Age of 12 to 14. This is my 2nd visit to D.C. since I have visited the city once during the stay. I learned English while I was in America, but a number of returnees in my school and good English classes there are helping me to improve my English even after I came back. I take discussion and debate class in my school, and I’m very interested in discussing in another language.


Hi! I’m a Japanese girl participating in this program.  I am really happy to be a member of this TOMODACHI exchange program, and I am very excited to learn and experience many things in Washington D.C. I live in Tokyo with my parents and a dog. I love either to listen to the music or to play musical instrument. My hobby is to play violin, but I also love to watch sports games such as soccer games or baseball games.  I have lived in many different cities before, so I love to visit places where I have never visited before.


I’m from a private school in Japan. I’m a senior in high school and excited for the start of college next spring. I play tennis and do track and field. I love playing sports, reading books, and interacting with new people.  I used to live in the United States for 8 years. Although I have been to Washington DC 3 times, I am excited for the new experience I will be having in this TOMODACHI program.


I am S.U., an exchange student from Japan. I have lived in London for six years from when I was four to ten years old. I applied for this exchange program because I wanted to know about the American culture and the incidents that are going on. In Japan not many information about different countries come to us, and even if they do, they are only seen from one point of view, so by communicating with my host family and students from America and all the people I will meet, I will do my best to get a better understanding on the current affairs in America.


I was born in Yokohama, Japan. I moved to Belgium when I was three and lived there for two and a half years. After that, I moved to England and lived there for four and a half years. I went to native schools in both countries so I learned French in Belgium and English in England but I forgot how to speak French.  My hobby is to play tennis and I belong in the tennis club at school. I play tennis basically everyday at my school tennis club and at my out-of school tennis club. This will be my first time in America so I am looking forward to the stay here!


Hello. I’m from Kanagawa, Japan. I was born in Osaka, Japan. When I was 2 I moved to Dubai and lived there for 3 years. I moved back to Japan and lived there for 1 year. I went to preschool there and attended a week of elementary school. I moved to the United States in 1st grade. I first moved to Atlanta, Georgia and lived there until the middle of 3rd grade. Then I moved to Ridgewood, New Jersey and lived there until 8th grade. As it is obvious, I have lived abroad for over half my life. Since my parents are both pure Japanese, I am accustomed to the Japanese culture and their traditions. Also, since I have lived in the United States for a long time, I know a lot about the American Culture also.

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