Sierra Queen

Sierra at WilsonMy name is Sierra Queen and I was born and raised in Washington D.C. I live in an apartment with four other family members. I am a indoor person, I prefer to stay in for my personal enjoyment. What I do in my free time is reading, dancing, and making up stories, which causes lots of moments of me talking to myself. I love to watch what some people call kid/baby shows. I have played violin and cello. I also may have a slightly severe addiction to chocolate and all things cute. I love to make people laugh and smile because it makes me feel better. Adventure is also a passion of mine, even though I spend a lot of time inside. I love going on adventures, hence why I read a lot. Many people call me crazy, a lunatic, nice, or quiet. It depends on how much you know me. Now, why I am interested in Japan dates back to when I was five years old. I was a shy and timid little girl with no real friends and the only main reason I improved was because of anime. In fact because of anime, I gained my best friend of now ten years. Anime of course came from Japan and as I grew older I became more curious. Then my fascination became so big, that I had a dream to go there. Now I am here, my dream about to come true.

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  1. Congratulations Sierra and I hope that you enjoy your adventure in Japan! I am sure that you are excited to do something that you have been dreaming about. “Dreams do come true!”

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