Noah Dyson

Noah PhotoHello! My full name is Noah Hannibal Dyson. I have a motto that I try my hardest to live by: “Always Stay Smiling!”  This statement mostly summarizes who I am. I am the guy you go to if you have had a rough day and need to be cheered up. I am the guy you can talk to when you need to blow off some steam and I will listen. I am the guy you go to if you need a pen because you left your pen at home. I try my hardest to uplift and encourage any and all people whom I come in contact with. I have a quote that I use to encourage myself and others when going through life’s daily battles: “Confidence is the doorway to success. Hard work is what it takes to walk through.”  To me this quote means so much because everyone wants to be successful, but are you willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to be successful?

When I graduate I want a career in mechanical engineering, music producing, and stand-up comedian. All of these things take hard work and I am willing to do it. I believe it applies to anything you commit yourself to in life. I participate in numerous extracurricular activities which include orchestra, weightlifting, and lacrosse all of which takes hard work. I got a puppy as an early birthday gift. His name is Q named after the fraternity. He is a Blue Heeler mixed with a Cocker Spaniel. I am training him myself which is one of the most challenging and best morale boosters in the world. My hobbies are reading, studying music, and fitness. I am interested in Japanese culture, philosophy, photography, and comedy. I believe I got my interest in philosophy from my interest in Japanese culture, especially relating to the Samurai code and how they lived their life. A Samurai was so disciplined that he was able to master multiple weapons. All my hobbies and interests prepare me for my number 1 goal. It is to make the whole world smile and world peace.

I end this biography with my most recent quote, “What is peace? The answer is the ability to connect with your sisters and brothers that come from all over the world physically, emotionally, verbally, and mentally. In doing so an unbreakable bond is formed between every person and every nation. You create world peace.”

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