Micah Guthrie

Micah at WilsonHello! My name is Micah Guthrie, and I am a rising 11th grader in Washington Latin Public Charter School. I am 15 years old and live in a family of four including myself, my twin sister Micailah, my father Juan, and my mother Michelle.

I am most interested in exploring cultures and discovering the wonders of visual and language arts! These include my interests in poetry, literature, observing art, and photography. My interests will fuel my energy during our trip to Japan. I will be able to explore the culture and history that make Japan what it is, observing its people of different generations, and taking what I learn outside of the trip to make valuable connections for what has created Japanese people today.

Observing how people grow is something I’ve always loved to do. It began and continues with reading manga and watching anime. Observing anime and manga such as Bleach and One Piece, and watching the writers grow not only in their drawing, but also in their writing. The experience of seeing the art transform, develop into different styles, and become more detailed was my source of inspiration to observe the growth and what’s created something to its current state. I want to return this by seeing the growth in Japan, what customs have stayed, what haven’t. This will help me gain a stronger cultural sensitivity that will hopefully create a more powerful bond between the U.S. and Japan.

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  1. Micah,
    Kyō wa anata ni dono yō ni shite arimasu ka? Anata wa subarashī keiken o shite iru yō ni miemasu. Anata no kyōkai no kazoku wa anata no tame ni inotte iru to, anata no hijō ni hokori ni omotte iru. E o takusan toru. Misutābatorā to kazoku

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