Luke Nogueira

Luke Nogueira picHi, my name is Luke Nogueira. I am 15 years old and Iā€™m a rising sophomore at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. I am in the LMC department in Ellington, which stands for Literary Media Communication. In this department we focus on writing in all of its forms, from fiction to journalism. I mostly focus on Poetry, which has helped increase my interest in Japan. I am fascinated by the works of classical Japanese poets, mainly Matsuo Basho. I was born in Brazil, which is a nation with very close ties to Japan, and my family is Portuguese and Portugal was very influential on the culture of Japan, even some of the words are similar, like the word for thank you (arigato in Japanese, obrigado in Portuguese).

My interest in Japan is not only fueled by my love of Japanese poetry, but also my passion for Tokusatsu films, Japanese Sci-Fi made with practical special effects.When I was a kid I was obsessed with Godzilla and Gamera, but as I grew older I learned that the world of Tokusatsu extended way beyond Giant monster movies. I began coming up with ideas for my own Tokusatsu style movies, but being a kid I had no access to cameras or special effects, so I would write them down. That is what led me to start writing. I am very excited to be a part of the TOMODACHI US Japan Youth Exchange, and am looking forward to building relationships and memories with people from across the globe!

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  1. Hi Luke! I think this is sooo awesome (I’m a little jealous too). It’s great to read about your connections to Japanese culture–I never really put it together before. I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself. I’ll be checking in to see how it’s going. Hope you don’t mind! šŸ˜‰


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