Gabby Towson

G Towson PhotoHi!

My name is Gabrielle Towson and I am currently a 15 year old student at School Without Walls in Washington D.C. Next year I will be beginning my junior year of high school. I live in Washington D.C. with my mother, father, and younger sister. I have lived in Washington D.C. all my life and really enjoy living here because of all of the activities and opportunities I am exposed to, such as this one! I am interested in seeing how cities in Japan such as Tokyo compare and contrast to cities in the United States such as Washington D.C.

During the school year there are many activities that I enjoy participating in. During the Fall and Spring season I row crew competitively with several of my classmates. This experience has taught me a lot about teamwork and team spirit and how satisfying it is to accomplish something as part of a team. During the school year I also participate in my schools Model United Nations club. This club has taught me a lot when it comes to global issues that affect our world, and how the nations around the world collaborate to fix them. This club was also a factor in me participating in this program because I am interested in understanding more about how Japan plays a part in fixing and working to find solutions for these global issues.

At my high school my favorite classes are ones that concern, foreign language, world history, and English because I hope to pursue a future career as an international journalist. This is in part why this experience was so intriguing to me. Through this program I am seeking to not only travel and see Japan but to truly learn a lot about its culture and different events that take place around the country. I would like to better my understanding of Japan in hope of expanding my world view and improving my understanding of this part of the world.

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