Summer Group Poem

This year George “G” Yamazawa kicked off the summer program with a poetry spoken word workshop. On their first day together, students stepped outside their comfort zones to write and share poems that revealed who they are and who they want to be. G’s mantra that “words are powerful” was very meaningful for the group and so they composed and delivered a group poem at the summer’s final presentation on August 1st. Enjoy:

Thank you………….

For making my sense of adventure grow and rejoice
For showing me where my future can go
For making me love my home again

For helping me notice many different perspectives
For calling me your Japanese daughter
For sharing a time of your life with me

For the best tongue twisters of all time
For GFF’s global friends forever
For being different but the same

For opening my eyes
The eyes that were filled with stereotypes
Conscious thinking will let us fight against it

For inspiring me to learn more about other countries
For letting me experience my city through new eyes
For allowing me to meet people doing great things for my city

For showing me more than just the tip of the iceberg
For teaching me about stereotypes
For making me stronger through knowledge

For pushing me out of my comfort zone
For my new international friends
For investing in my future

For all the treats
Treats that satisfied my heart
With gusto and joy

For colliding our worlds
And bringing us closer together
Because besides our position on the pacific we are one and the same

For challenging me in the art
Of storytelling
And letting me see personalities through words

For teaching me american food culture, soul food, which were great
For making me great ribs which I ate
Which I was able to empty my plate

For making me a part of your family
For a brother from another mother
From the bottom of our heart


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