Group Poem 2.0

Poem written and delivered by the DC TOMODACHI students at their final presentation on June 3, 2015

Thank you………….

(GT)  For inspiring me to learn more about other countries
For letting me experience my city through new eyes
For allowing me to meet people doing great things for my city

For a cultural immersion unlike anything else that introduced me to home cooked meals of udon and sushi
For the life altering stories of perseverance, strength and hope
For the crash course into Shintoism that showed me new ideas on faith

(MC)  For pushing me out of my comfort zone
For my new international friends
For investing in my future

For an invaluable overseas adventure
For an epic reunion
For altering my views for the better

(LN)  For colliding our worlds
And bringing us closer together
Because besides our position on the pacific we are one and the same

For your unprecedented hospitality
That made a distant land
Feel like home away from home

(MG)  For challenging me in the art
Of storytelling
And letting me see personalities through words

For humbling me to
Nature’s celestial power
Destroying for birth

(SQ)  For making my sense of adventure grow and rejoice
For showing me where my future can go
For making me love my home again

For showing me the true beauty of nature
For helping me realize my true self
For making me crave what this world has to offer

From the bottom of our hearts

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