LearnServe International (TM)

“You are never too young to make a difference.”

By T.M.

Background Information
LearnServe International is an organization which promotes young people to stand up and make an action to the social problems we have now. LearnServe International was created in 2003 and from then, more than 700 high school students who go to public, charter, and independent schools around Washington, DC have entered the program. LearnServe International gives after school lessons for high school students so that they can gain the knowledge, business tools, and relationships to become a social entrepreneur and a global citizen.

Our Experience
On the eighth day of our program, we had a workshop by the director of LearnServe International to study about social entrepreneurship. In the workshop, we divided into groups, American and Japanese students mixed to make an imaginary organization to come up with a solution to solve the social problems we have in the world (especially America and Japan) now. In our group, we thought that the misuse of tax is a huge problem in both Japan and USA. In Japan, we had a problem with one person who used 3000000 yen of political money for an unclear reason. In the US, they have an unfair distribution of tax; they have a group called the one percent and they are much wealthier than the others. To this problem, we came up with a solution of making an outside observation organization which is not biased to check the usage of tax.

The Big Idea
By doing this workshop by LearnServe International, we were able to come up with two big ideas. The first thing we gained by doing the workshop is “no matter how small or big the difference is, it still makes a change”. This was an idea we were able to get by understanding how important it is to stand up and to make an action. The second big idea we got is “you are never too young to make a difference”. We got this when he showed us an example of a high school student who made a scholarship organization for unfortunate high school students so that they can go to university. However, we also learned that it is important to have a passion to make a difference; only by having the passion, you can make a change and contribute to the world.