DC’s Big Ideas 2014

As with our 2013 DC program, the twelve DC and Japanese students met with many interesting people, visited many different organizations, and engaged in a variety of activities designed to give them a deep understanding of American and DC culture, as well insights into the work people are doing to improve the well-being of their communities.

After each program activity, the students would discuss lessons learned and the “big ideas” that resonated most for them. Then the group voted on the one “big idea” that they felt was the most powerful. In preparation for the final presentation on August 1st, each of the 12 students volunteered to write up an account of the individual program and its “big idea.”

These are great life lessons for anyone – and in gratitude for the many people who shared their time and wisdom, we share them here with you:

Andy Shallal (Busboys and Poets)
Changing America 1
Changing America 2
LearnServe International 1
LearnServe International 2
Malcolm X Freedom School
Martha’s Table 1
Martha’s Table 2
Operation Understanding DC 1
Operation Understanding DC 2
Japanese American Experience
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
US-Japan Exchange