2014 Japan Program

Part II of the 2014 TOMODACHI U.S. Japan Youth Exchange Program takes place in Japan in November, after weekly pre-travel preparation sessions for the DC students during September and October. Check out our Student Blog to learn how the TOMODACHI students experience their journey. Here are the Japan program highlights.

Week One:

Sun, Nov 2                 

Visit to cultural/historical sites in Tokyo
Edo Tokyo Museum
Asakusa “Senso-ji” Temple

Mon, Nov 3                 

Visit with Tokyo Voluntary Action Center and Soup Association
Fieldwork “visiting the streets” (the homeless) in Shinjuku City

Tues, Nov 4                 

Orientation 1: TOMODACHI U.S.-Japan Youth Exchange Program
Visit to IDEO

Wed, Nov 5

Attend Keio Shonan Fujisawa High School Classes
Experience wearing Japanese traditional “yukata”
Learn to play traditional instrument “shamisen”
Make presentations to English classes

Thurs, Nov 6

Introducation and campus tour of SFC Keio University
Visit GIGA Program and lunch with GIGA students
Tour Keio Fujisawa Innovation Village
Workshop: Sport for Smile

Fri, Nov 7

Orientation 2: Introduction to Tohoku
Session on global citizenship with guest speakers: Director of UN Association of Japan and former CEO of Save the Children Japan

Sat, Nov 8

Keio Shonan Fujisawa High School Festival

Week Two

Sun, Nov 9

Explore Tokyo station “Ekinaka”
Travel to Sendai

Mon, Nov 10

Visit to SEELS (Social Enterprise English Language Schools)
Visit to Kids’ Door and Takasago Junior High School

Tues, Nov 11

Visit to museum in Watari-cho
Workshop with WATALISMinamisanriku Study Tour

Wed, Nov 12

Earth Camp in Minamisanriku and interaction with the fishery community
Workshops and interaction with Tohoku youth:
Mazumotte (“Kataribe” club), Com, and NPO Sokoage

Thurs, Nov 13

Meeting with Minamisanriku Mayor Sato
Sightseeing in Tohoku (Matsushima)Travel to Tokyo

Fri, Nov 14

Student presentation preparation
Student presentation and dinner with Keio students

Sat, Nov 15

Sightseeing and cultural experience in Tokyo
Tour Harajuku district
Visit “Meiji-jingu” shrine, Takeshita Street, and Omotesando

Sun, Nov 16

Final sightseeing and shopping in Tokyo
Tour Ueno district
Depart for Narita Airport for return to DC