United Way

“Volunteering is a two way street.”

By Joel Bernola

Background Information
United Way Worldwide is an organization that focused on improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good as its mission. This organization also had strategies that would encourage people to volunteer for community and public services. These strategies not only encouraged volunteer engagement efforts, but they also created volunteer events that recognized important community services. The organization was based upon volunteer efforts that were done in the year 1887 and stand on that very foundation of volunteer work today, from recruiting volunteers to building relationships and connections with other organizations within the community and throughout the world.

Our Experience
During our visit at United Way, we first talked about what the word ‘volunteer’ meant to us, and then learned of its actual meaning. Afterwards we were given sticky notes to put on papers that had different decades written on them. Then we learned about major events that occurred in American and Japanese history that focused on volunteer work and changes in society. After our history lesson we were then informed about United Way and its contributions to societies in the United States and around the world and played a game of jeopardy after doing so. Soon after, we worked on literary devices that would assist first graders in their reading.

Big Ideas
Through this experience, we learned that “volunteering is a two way street”, which meant that you can volunteer and help out others, but you can also help yourself and build up your character.