Normal life of teenagers

I spent my free day with Rey, Hide, Skyy, and Raven. My free day was one of the best days in my life. You know how in those teenager movies the teens are just being teens – that is exactly how we were. I have never felt so free. We were joking around, doing dumb stuff teenagers do. Even though I was with Japanese teens they were just like me. I get when everybody says there is no diversity in Japan but each person is different. Rey is like an American. I can say Rey acts more American than me. Hide is just a funny guy. Hide is honestly one of the funniest people I have met in my life.

We spent the day in Korean town. Skyy and Raven have this obsession with K-pop. They bought everything in Korean town that had a K-pop idol face on it. You know how people have one of those crazy obsessions that’s kind of scary? Well, when it comes to K-pop, Raven and Skyy can be a little scary. After Korean town we went to karaoke. Everybody was singing whatever song that came on. When Hide starting singing a Japanese song, I was astonished. He sang so well. I didn’t expect him to be that good at singing. In that moment when he was singing I had a crazy girl crush on him. Skyy and Raven were singing k-pop songs while me and Rey sang the most American songs you could think of. I felt really free that day because of the bonds I had formed with such amazing people. I felt like I could just be myself.

Shawma Brown
Ballou SHS

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