New eyes for Japanese culture

Today, I woke up with full of energy because I slept for 18 hours yesterday! However, I used all the energy to visit the Edo Tokyo Museum and Asakusa. For me, I also used the energy to get on the train in the morning too, because it’d been more than 2 weeks from the last time to get on Japanese trains in the lash hours. I was so tired that I slept for whole the time riding on the train to go back home in the evening.

We met at Ninja House and it was the first time for me to see everyone since we left the Narita Airport. I was excited about the program in Japan which has just started today, and I was trying to have fresh eyes toward Japanese cultures including history. Visiting the Edo Tokyo Museum was my first try to see the Japanese history with my new eyes. Comparing to the museums in D.C., I was surprised at the ways to tell its history. They had not only exhibitions of items, panels nor models, but we could try ourselves some of the cultures such as a palanquin, banner for firefighters, and so on. We could also feel the weight of a thousand-Ryou (a billion yen). I saw the children looking at exhibitions and writing worksheets too. In this way, this museum is trying to tell its story by so many different ways. I think we can learn some of the ways to tell our stories from this museum.

After walking around Asakusa, I hosted Skyy at my house. It was my first time to host someone so I was a little nervous but after we cooked Takoyaki together and ate them, I started enjoying.

It was enjoyable day today but we also learned about Japanese history and culture. It might be difficult for D.C. students to follow the Japanese rules at temples and even streets. I hope I can help them and I can remind them myself, too.

Yuuki Takashima
Keio Shonan Fujisawa SHS

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