Natsuho – Day 4

In the morning we had discussed about what is big idea from our programs and we found 5 big ideas.

  • The difference in equality.
  • Ask WHY without a fixed mindset when trying to understand culture.
  • Who is America to deprive a man of his rights!?
  • America is known for freedom but it took its own citizens and incarcerated them.
  • No one can hold back the young mind since it has so many possibilities.

These 5 ideas are really important for us to understanding differences and make good society. So we need to keep these ideas in our mind.

After our debrief ended we had to see a film which is “Picture from a Hiroshima Schoolyard.” That film was talking about children survivors from the atomic bomb. And also we had conversation with Shizumi Manale, who is the film producer. Children survivors from bombs had strong mind. It is because the education and their teacher making them positive even if they are hungry or they have totally nothing. Ms, Shizumi’s story was interesting for me because she tries so many things and she is so powerful.

In the afternoon we had a lecture from Mary Murakami. She is a former internee. We heard about her life during World War II and after the war. It is important to hear from people who were in there at that time because so many people pass away so this is a valuable lecture for me. And I could feel it real what I learned from the Smithsonian museum.

End of the day I learned Hip-Hop. It was nice and fun. We did rap and DJ. They taught us how to rap. It is seems so easy but actually it’s so hard. When I rapped I had some words in my head but the words didn’t come out with beats. And DJ it also seems so easy but it’s really not. The DJ teacher counted for me but I couldn’t go with count.

I learnedĀ if things seem too easy actually it is not easy but challenge is important so I’ll keep trying.

Natsuho Suzuki
Fukushima Prefectural Asaka Kaisei HS

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