My First Night In My Japan Home

My host brother in Japan is someone who doesn’t really talk much, but is a very kind hearted person who thinks of others before thinking about himself.  His family was very welcoming and welcomed me with open arms from the moment I got into the car. For dinner, we had curry chicken with rice and pieces of fried chicken. It was delicious; it was as if the flavor exploded in my mouth with every bite. After eating I gave my host mother a gift as a token of appreciation for taking care of me while in Japan. His mom seemed to be surprised and very happy when I brought her my gift. I gave her “Season All” seasoning and told her my family usually puts it on fried chicken or fish or really anything we want to give a little kick.

Something that I found to be kind of funny and different was when we had fried chicken it was boneless and was similar to a patty. Back home there is almost always bones in the chicken. Despite no bones it tasted great. He has a younger brother who is a year and a half younger than him but he’s taller and looks older than my host brother. It was nice to meet someone my height in Japan. I’m really looking forward to the many more nights I have with my Japanese host family.

Korey Carter
Friendship Collegiate Academy

One thought on “My First Night In My Japan Home

  1. Korey,
    Japanese fried chicken is awesome and I think it would be even better sprinkled with Season All! Curry is also one of my favorite dishes, even in the summer time.
    It sounds like your family is really nice!
    And I’m sure they appreciated your omiyage!
    Keep trying everything!

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