My Day as a Keio Student

Today WAS a memorable day for me! I tried to pretend I’m one of the students of the Keio High School. However, it was so difficult for me…

It’s because it was so surprising that I couldn’t help but being amazed at the school and the differences from my own.

Let me give some examples.

1. Keio High is a more free kind of school, rather than a restricted one such as mine, which has a lot of regulation. For example, you don’t have a part-time job at my school. Interestingly enough, Keio has fewer school regulations at all that made it appear freer than my own school.

2. They have great amenities. For instance, a large school building with high-tech items and monitors in every class. My school in Iwate is old-fashioned, so I really envy Keio.

It seems these elements allow students to be creative. In class, their remarks are so intelligent and insightful. In the hallways students seemed free, wise and outgoing all at the same time. I like its atmosphere. My words sound really envious, maybe it’s true. But after all, they are just “differences.”

After the visit at Keio, we talked with a writer Baye McNeil. He was encouraging and I learned a lot from the talk. I learned the key to solving problems is inside of us, but we don’t realize it. As Baye said, One way to reach the key is to know that we don’t know anything at all. Starting at zero: it’s a first step.

Fumiya Otani
Fukuoka Senior High School

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