Minpaku, stay rich in nature

I had a great experience with my host family in Minamisanriku. I stayed at the Minpaku with Natsuho, Shawma and Raven. My host father was a local fisherman and he used to be a sailor so he has been many places all over the world. I felt I was traveling around the world by listening to his stories. This experience made me notice the power of telling stories. However, Natsuho and I had to translate his stories into English for two girls from D.C. because he could not speak English so much. The most difficult thing in translating was to keep interest. When I translated his story to English, the story had less interest than his own story. I thought that I really want to improve my English skill to be able to tell attractive stories with my own words.

Looking down at the beautiful ocean at Utatsuzaki

After going to the Lotus flower festival, our host father took Natsuho and me for a drive. We saw a lot of new houses on the hill, and when we looked down, there was always ocean. I liked the view from the tip of the peninsula the best. We also saw the difference between bay and out of bay. There are whitecaps outside of the bay, but no whitecaps at the bay. Our host father said that this is one of the reasons why Minamisanriku is famous for cultivation. We also heard about his childhood in Minamisanriku. There was no road but nature. I felt that people grown up in towns filled with nature would know how to coexist with nature. I hope that the ways to respect nature will be never forgot.

Yuuki Takashima
Keio Shonan Fujisawa SHS

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