Miles: Looking Forward to Tohoku

The people of East Japan contain a special type of resilience as does any group of people who survive a major natural disaster. Not only was the region damaged due to a series of massive earthquakes that reached high levels on the Richter scale, East Japan then suffered more harm due to the massive 128-foot tsunami that followed. Over 120,000 buildings were destroyed, with over 18,000 killed and 2,500 people still missing since 2011. Since then the people of East Japan have been working extremely hard to rebuild the area with the $199 Billion deficit that the disasters left. The ability to continue and have hope for another day is a true testament to the human spirit at its finest. Even though great tragedy occurred on March 11th, 2011, the people of East Japan continue to work relentlessly to build a better home than they had before.

Learning about this was fascinating because I was totally oblivious to the fact that this even happened and to learn that the people are still rebuilding without being overwhelmingly discouraged is honestly a thing of beauty. I look forward to visiting Tohoku and families who experienced the disaster to understand their lifestyles and struggles further.

Miles Peterson
Banneker Academic HS

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