Living with another culture

One thing that I regret while being on this trip is not being able to be fluent in Japanese. My home stay with the fisherman’s family was so fun. I wish I was fluent in Japanese because I could have had more conversations with my home stay parents. It was nice to get to know people who don’t even know English.

My host mother was very American to me because she wasn’t the type to hold back her opinion. I really liked that about her because it was like having a piece of home with me. My host mother’s cooking was out of this world. My mother will probably be mad at me for saying this, but my host mother’s cooking was the best thing I ever tasted. My host father was very different from my host mother. My host father was more of a storyteller. The job he worked required him to do a lot of traveling. He would tell us stories of the places he traveled to. I enjoyed his stories very much.

One day when I go back to Japan I will visit my host mother and father and tell them stories of my own.

Shawma Brown
Ballou SHS

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