Living in A Global World

UN Speakers and Group at KeioMicah:

We had panels with two men who are part of large peace organizations, two of which are part of the United Nations. Mr. Kuyama was former assistant Secretary General to the UN and Mr. Shibuya was former president of Save the Children Japan.  We also had visitors from an Environmental Sustainability class in Keio. What interested me most was a discussion I began about peace. I had asked panelist Mr. Shibuya what peace was to him and if he feels like the jobs he does adds to his vision of peace. The definition of peace and what it is in the world has been something itching my mind lately. Mr. Shibuya responded that having a set vision of peace would be lying. He believed that doing his best to give hope was his way of aiding peace Рthe hope that inspires people in the most dire and unfortunate situations to help create a better tomorrow.

The professor of the Environmental Sustainability class had asked me what my view of peace was for a “teacher’s perspective.” I personally have two beliefs of peace. My first is that everything is at rest. Everything is one and not bothering anything else. My second is a bit darker. It is based off the philosophy of yin and yang. That the world is part of an equal cycle of love and hate. Although we have so much hate in the world, there is a hidden equal amount of love. For my own development, Mr. Shibuya’s mention of hope also gave me hope for all the pain in the world. I feel like love and hate are on a different plane of yin and yang, and now I believe hope and pain are on another. I had recognized pain as a power in this world, but I wasn’t sure what it was complemented by. Now I recognized that hope is the way out. This discussion was very important for me. It gave me the necessary drive to realize why I want to help others. Why I SHOULD help others. I now feel like it’s my responsibility to give hope at the least. To help reach peace, whatever it might be. But I do know that peace will be good for everyone, so why not?


Participating in the TOMODACHI program has renewed my sense of excitement towards learning more about the world around me. At school I have begun to be exposed to other countries and issues that are different than issues that concern everyday Americans. This initial exposure has really pushed me to explore the ways that I can be more involved in not just American issues but global issues. Through this program I have been able to further explore my interest in global issues and have begun my own journey to truly becoming a global citizen. I am thrilled to be learning about Tohoku and talking to the citizens of Tohoku next week. Through my experiences in this region I hope to really begin to see how I can be active in my role as a global citizen and help not just my community, but the global community.

Keio University 2Malaika:

Living in a global world has fostered the growth of relationships between countries of different statures. In the global community issues have arisen that require global solutions. The answers to the issues being faced cannot be solved by a single government. Living in a global world, most developed countries or MDCs have a responsibility to help, not hinder least developed countries or LDCs on their road to development. Living in a global world means we must embrace our differences in order to be more productive. You never know how much you will have in common with a person, so you must keep an open mind. In order to ensure the longevity of our world and its inhabitants we must work together.


The world is becoming smaller and smaller, but I don’t think we will ever be one. Every decade something new comes out that seems to be the final link to bringing us together, be it Esperanto in the early 1900s or the Bitcoin in the present day. Since the turn of the 20th century, humans as a society have felt this need to create uniformity among the species. Yesterday we had a talk with two former United Nations representatives. The UN is a rare exception, because unlike Esperanto and the Bitcoin, it actually worked and actually caught on. After hearing the two men talk, I realized what makes the UN a working exception, because the UN isn’t trying to create uniformity. The UN is attempting global understanding and cooperation.


Some people are kept ignorant by their government while others simply do not pay attention or look at the news. A world where people are not ignorant about what goes on in the world is what I think a globalized world is. Where people are aware of what is going on in the world around them. Meaning that people know the events that are happening in other countries, whether good or bad. This knowledge will cause people to communicate. Communication is what connects the world, in my opinion, more connections means more interactions such as people wanting to volunteer, see new sights, and start organizations. This will cause more people to become global. When the people become global, so does their nation.

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